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This reference covers the entire application programming interface (API) that lets you use eNom services to buy and sell Internet domains.

In this volume:

  • Quick Start Guides
    The Quick Start Guides introduce a single topic and walk you through enough of the API commands to get you started.

  • Domains and TLDs
    This section comprises documents that describe the requirements for buying and selling domains within specific TLDs.

  • Value-Added Services
    A list of eNom's value-added services with details on how to order and use them.

  • API Command Reference
    The Big List; here you get into the details of every command implemented in the eNom API. The main page breaks down the catalog into list by function. Beneath the main page is the full catalog of API commands.

What's New


Version 8.5

eNom Email

With eNom Email, you can use your domain name to create more memorable, credible email addresses and manage your inbox from anywhere in the world.

You can learn more about all of our features here.

If you are interested in integrating eNom Email with our eNom API, please refer to the eNom Email Quick Start Guide.



Version 8.4

Website Builder

Website Builder allow anyone to create a professional looking, mobile friendly website. Customers can choose from over 90 stunning, fully-customizable templates. The drag-and-drop tool makes it easy for any skill level to bring their idea to life in minutes. Whether they need a one page website or an online store, our Website Builder scales to the needs of your customers.

Attract customers with a free 14-day trial: Customers can demo a free version and then upgrade to a paid version later.

If you are interested in integrating Website Builder with our eNom API, please refer to the Website Builder Quick Start Guide.



Version 8.3


This document provides quick steps for using the eNom API to implement the purchase of new TLD domain name registrations prior to General Availability (GA), a time period known as Pre-GA. The Pre-Registration (or PreReg) queue may overlap other queues such as Sunrise and LandRush. Any purchases made to the PreReg queue are "created" at the very beginning of GA.

See our New TLD Pre-GA Quick Start Guide page for more detailed information.



Version 8.2

Early Access Program (EAP)

Early Access Program (EAP) is a special domain registration period for all Donuts' new TLDs. The purpose is to allow general public to register good domain names as soon as possible when a TLD enters General Availability period.

Traditionally, the landrush phase for a new TLD takes place after sunrise phase and before general availability (see terminology below). For all new Donuts' TLDs, general availability occurs after sunrise, skipping landrush phase.

The EAP takes place during the first 7 (seven) days of a TLD's general availability. EAP period starts at 16:00 UTC and ends at 15:59 UTC the following day.

See our Early Access Program Quick Start Guide page for more detailed information.


Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA)

On January 1, 2014, eNom began verifying the WHOIS contact information for all new domain registrations and WHOIS contact information updates to existing domain registrations as mandated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Any new domain name registration or change to the Registered Name Holder of an existing domain name registration will require the verification of the Registrant contact email address.

See our RAA Quick Start Guide page for more detailed information.



Version 8.1

Trademark Clearinghouse Claims (TMCH)

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is the most important brand protection mechanism built specifically for the launch of new TLDs. TMCH acts as the authoritative online source for registered marks, monitoring any violations of domain names registered with a trademarked term. A private person or a company can submit trademarks for review. As new TLDs go live, the TMCH will simplify your registration process and monitor for any violations afterwards a new TLD goes live.

Domains Protected Marks Listing (DPML) gives trademark holders the ability to block their marks from registration across all of the new TLDs supported by a given registry. A registry is the organization responsible for managing the domain registration process for specific domains. An example of a registry would be Donuts or Rightside.

Trademark holders can submit an exact match of their mark(s) - as validated by the TMCH - or a term that contains their exact match mark(s). That term is then blocked from registration in all the new TLDs for that Registry provider for a given period of time.

See our Trademark Clearinghouse Claims Quick Start Guide page for more detailed information.



Version 8.0

Premium Domain

A unique, memorable or noteworthy name might be considered as a premium domain. This type of domain will be more expensive depending on the name and TLD. The new TLDs are coming online and your customers will want to be a part of it. Premium domains are also available before they are available to the general public.

See our Premium Domain Quick Start Guide page for more detailed information.