Account Validation

It’s easy and free! Try our new Account Validation feature to protect against any unauthorized users accessing your account. When you enable the new Account Validation feature, you create a second level of verification to protect against unauthorized access and changes to your account.

Account Validation adds an extra layer of protection to your account.

Account Validation prevents unauthorized account access. When you enable Account Validation on your account, you get another layer of security on your account that:

  • Activates when someone logs into your account incorrectly
  • Remembers your computer if you tell it to
  • E-mails you if anyone tries to log in and fails to answer security questions correctly
  • Temporarily disables your account if more failures occur and emails you again
  • Disables the account, if enough failures occur, until the account holder submits color photo id to unlock the account

Login with added security

Account Validation adds a new layer of protection.

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Account and Domains Secure

  1. Use Account Validation questions for an extra level of security
  2. Use a unique and complex password. Do not use "password" or your username as the password.
  3. A combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols (for example * @ _ . /) is best
  4. If you have multiple accounts, please choose a unique password for each account.
  5. Do not use the same password for your email, as you use for your main account.
  6. Change your passwords frequently.
  7. If you are using a domain name that you control for the email address on your account, please do not allow the domain name to expire.
  8. Keep the registrar lock enabled on your domains.
  9. Be sure to select a Secret Question/Answer that only you are able to supply in case you forget your password.
  10. Only provide your login/password to colleagues and trusted family member that are authorized to access your account.
  11. When an employee leaves or is terminated, be sure to change your password and secret answer right away.

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