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WHOIS Contact Information on Domains

Article Number: KB 19

Product: WHOIS

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Do you list my contact information publicly on my domain? How can I change the WHOIS on my domain?


When you first register a domain name, the pre-selected contact information for each of the four contact types (i.e., Registrant, Administrative, Auxiliary Billing, and Technical) is Account Billing. ICANN requires that valid WHOIS contact information be made available to the public. By default, your Account Billing information is used for all contacts on the public WHOIS record.

If the registry supports it, you may purchase ID Protect to shield your contact information. Please see the article, How to Purchase ID Protectfor instructions.

To view or modify your Account Billing information, please see the article Changing account information.

We use the term Auxiliary Billing Contact to differentiate the WHOIS billing contact from the Account Billing information. The Auxiliary Billing Contact is the billing contact displayed on the public whois information for the domain.

Viewing or Modifying the Whois Information

  1. Under the Domains menu, click My Domains.
  2. Click on the link for the domain name you wish to work with.
  3. Scroll down and click on Contact Information, or choose Contact Information from the Manage Domain drop-down list.

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Last Updated: August, 2015

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