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Difference Between Sub-Retail and Sub-Reseller Accounts

Article Number: KB 66

Product: Reseller Support

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What is the difference between the different types of sub-accounts? When I create a sub-account it defaults to retail. Why would I change to reseller?


The key differences between sub-retail and sub-reseller accounts are how they pay for domains and services, what information the parent reseller has access to, and whether or not they have reseller options.

Sub-Retail Account (default upon creation)

  • We will bill their credit card on file for every transaction on your behalf.
  • There are minimum pricing requirements (see How to Set Prices for Sub-Accounts).
  • They do not have access to our API, or the ability to set up sub-accounts, Registry Rocket sites, or Instant Reseller.
  • You can view, edit and manage account information as well as make changes to domains.

Sub-Reseller Account

  • They will refill their account to pay for orders (see How to Refill Your Account Balance).
  • The parent reseller does not pay any fees.
  • Each transaction is deducted from the reseller sub-account balance.
  • They have access to our API, and the ability to set up sub-accounts, Registry Rocket sites, and Instant Reseller.
  • When using our API, they must use their own merchant processing services (they cannot use eNom's merchant processing).
  • They can use our merchant processing through Instant Reseller, Registry Rocket and sub-retail accounts.
  • You can view domains in the sub-reseller account, however you cannot make any changes to the account information or domains in the account.

For both types of accounts, you are responsible for any chargebacks and for notifying our Risk Management department (RiskManagement@enom.com) if you detect fraudulent transactions. We highly encourage you to read and thoroughly understand your responsibilities as outlined in the Reseller Agreement and Merchant Services Agreement (http://www.enom.com/terms/).

For further details on access restrictions, please see the article KB 1184 Sub-Account Reseller versus Retail Access Restrictions.

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Last Updated: November, 2015


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