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Domain Transfers: Time Frame for Completion

Article Number: KB 245

Product: Domain Transfer


How long does it take to transfer a domain name between registrars?


Per ICANN regulations, once the Gaining Registrar has received transfer verification from the registrant or administrative contact for the domain(s), the Registrar of Record has five days to release the domain to the gaining Registrar.

The transfer will automatically complete within the five (5) day waiting period.

NOTE: The five day waiting period begins once the Registrar of Record has been notified of the transfer request by the registry. This typically occurs within 12-24 hours after the transfer has been approved by you or your client.

More Information

To check the status of an incoming transfer to our system, please see the article, How do I check the status of my INCOMING transfer order? How do I cancel the order?.

To check the status of an outgoing transfer, please visit http://whois.enom.com/ and do a whois lookup on the domain. If the status displays as "pending transfer," the five day waiting period has started.

Please note that many registrars, including eNom, do not issue ACK commands.

For more information regarding the approval and rejection of domain transfers and registrar responsibilities, please see the article, ICANN Domain Transfer Policy.

Last Updated: August, 2015

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