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How to Initiate an Incoming Domain Transfer

Article Number: KB 246

Product: Transfers


How do I initiate an incoming domain transfer in your system?


There are several steps in the process, each is covered in the sections below.

Prepare Domain for Transfer at the Current Registrar

To transfer a domain into our system, you will need to do three things on the current registrar's system (for most domain extensions):

  1. Unlock the domain by disabling Registrar-Lock.
  2. Verify that the registrant and administrative contacts on the domain are current and valid. You may also want to disable ID Protect if it's enabled, as this will make the transfer process easier.
  3. Obtain the authorization (EPP) code.

Submit the Incoming Transfer Order through Your Account with Us

Once you have the necessary information, please do the following to submit the incoming transfer request in our system:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Under the menu option Domains, click Transfer Domains, and then click Transfer a Domain.
  3. In most cases, you'll want to choose the Auto-Verification (email) method. If you're transferring a large volume of domains, you may want to select the Fax option. For further details, please see the article, How does the INCOMING domain FAX transfer process work?.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter the domain name(s) in the appropriate format, which is demonstrated in the examples on the page.
  6. Set the desired settings:
    • Registrar-Lock: If enabled, this prevents the domain from being transferred away once it's in your account.
    • Auto-Renew: If enabled, our system will automatically attempt to renew the domain 30 days prior to expiration.
    • Apply WhoIs Info: If enabled, the whois information at the time of transfer will be applied to the domain. If disabled, the system will apply the contact information that you provided when the order was created.
    • Domain Password: Setting this password will allow you to log into the domain control at http://access.enom.com. This is an optional control panel.
  7. Follow any additional prompts that are displayed.
  8. Click Submit Order.

If you're using the Auto-Verification method, in most cases, either our system or the registry will send you an email to approve or reject the transfer. Once you respond affirmatively to the email, the transfer process will go forward.

More Information

For information on transfer time frames, please see the article, Transfers - Timeframe to complete.

Transfer restrictions and additional information

For information on transfer restrictions, please see the article, Reasons a Transfer Could Be Rejected.

If your domain expired and you renewed it with your current registrar during the expiration grace period, you may want to wait until 46 days after the expiration date to transfer your domain to avoid losing one year of registration.


Last Updated: August, 2015


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