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Support for DKIM or DomainKeys on our DNS

Article Number: KB 1042

Product: DNS/Nameservers

Audience:eNom Reseller, eNom Central, Bulk Register


Do you support DomainKeys (DKIM) on your DNS?


Yes, we do support the use of DomainKeys in our host records. This feature requires that you are using our DNS.

NOTE: Due to the limitation of our Host Records maximum length, we only support up to 1024 bit DomainKeys.

To use a DomainKey:

  1. Under Domains, click My Domains.
  2. Select the domain you want to work with, and then click Host Records (if this option is not available, you are not using Our DNS).
  3. Click Add New, and for Host enter _domainkey. If you are using a Selector use the format <selectorname>._domainkey.
  4. Under Record Type, select TXT from the dropdown list.

  5. In the address field, place the DKIM record that you have created, and then click Save.

More Information

For more information on DomainKeys, please visit http://www.dkim.org.

Last Updated: October, 2015


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