Should you seek to register a KIDS.US third level domain name you, the registrant, must agree to the terms of the .US second level domain AND the following terms:

The KIDS.US Content Policy, Take Down Policy, Challenge Process, and other policies and rules established by the administrator for KIDS.US, as these may be established and/or modified from time to time. Detailed descriptions of these policies, processes, and rules are available at,, and

These restrictions are important, as, among other things, the following types of information or content are not permitted within the KIDS.US domain: mature content, pornography, inappropriate language, violence, hate speech, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons. In addition, there are technological restrictions on web sites using a KIDS.US domain. These include prohibitions against the use of two-way interactive and multiuser interactive services (email, chat, etc.) and no hyperlinks outside of the KIDS.US space. Do not, however, rely on this summary of these restrictions. You must review and agree to all of the policies, processes, and rules found at the links listed above.

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