Commisions FAQs

What is a commission account?

A commission account is the separate account where we record sales commissions for sales made through your sub-accounts. This account is also used to deduct credit card transaction fees where applicable.

When does a commission appear in my account?

When a sub-reseller makes a purchase using their account balance, the commission appears in your commission account immediately.

Are any fees deducted from my commission on sub-account sales?

If you or your sub-accounts use our credit card processing, we charge a processing fee of 95 cents plus 5% of the transaction amount.

When are commissions available to me?

A commission is available to you 90 days after the transaction that generated the commission.

Why is there a 90-day hold on commissions?

We have added the 90-day hold policy in order to reduce fraud.

How do I get funds out of my commission account?

Log in. Hover on the "My Account" menu and click "Commission Account".

If you have available commission, the web page shows instructions for either transferring commission balance to your account balance, or requesting a check.

What payment methods do you support for commission withdrawals?

All payouts are made by check.

Whose name will appear on the check?

The name on the check will be made out to the Organization name of your account and your First and Last name.

Is it possible to be paid in my native currency?

All checks are issued in U.S. Dollars.

Is there a record of my withdrawals?

Yes. A record will appear in your transaction history.

When can I expect to receive my withdrawal?

All requests received up to the last day of the month will be sent by mail as a check on the 15th of the following month.

How many withdrawals may I make per month?

You can submit as many requests as you like, but all requests in a single month will be sent as one check.

Can I set prices of Premium Domains that appear on my site?

No. Prices of Premium Domains are set by the owner, and include your commission.

Can I set a limit on the price of Premium Domains that appear on my site?

Yes. The most desirable Premium Domains can be very expensive, so we provide the ability for you to set a maximum price for the Premium Domains returned in search results on your site.

To set a maximum price, log in. In the “Reseller Quick Links” tab, click “Modify Default Pricing”. Click “Other Products”. In the “Premium Domain Name Registrations” boxes, specify your preferences and then click “Save Changes”.

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