Credit Card FAQs

Why do you store my credit card information?

Resellers purchase our products and services using an account balance rather than a direct charge for services. You fund your account balance by credit card.

Optionally, you can set Auto Refill, which automatically replenishes your account when your account balance falls below a trigger amount that you specify. Auto Refill charges your credit card.

Where do I enter my credit card information?

Log in and click "My Info". Enter your credit card information and click "save changes".

How do I add funds to my account?

Log in. Click "My Account" and then click "Refill Account". Click the method you want to use to refill your account (we accept credit card, PayPal, check, or wire transfer) and follow the instructions for that method.

What options do I have for notification when my account balance is low?

You have three options: you can monitor your account balance yourself, we can send you an email when your balance falls below an amount that you specify, or you can authorize us to add a specified amount when the account balance falls below a "trigger" level.

If you monitor your account balance yourself, you should be aware that some but not all of our products have a grace period. Some products are disabled if we try to charge your account and the balance is insufficient.

To request an email notification or set a trigger balance for automatic refills, log in. Click "Settings", then click "reseller", and then click "reseller balance". Click "General Settings". Enter your preferences and then click "save changes".

Is there a minimum amount needed to refill my account? Is there a maximum?

Auto Refills must be between $200 and $3000. Manual refills must be between $100 and $3000.

Is there a fee for refilling my account online?

Yes, we charge 5% as a refill online access fee. For example, an amount of $100 will result in 95 points deposited into your account.

I'm getting an error saying duplicate refills are not allowed within 30 minutes. What should I do?

To reduce refill errors, we do not accept duplicate refill orders within 30 minutes of each other. You can either change the amount of your account refill or wait 30 minutes and try again.

Can I get a refund for the amount I refilled my account?

Sorry, refills are not refundable.

How can I edit my credit card information?

To edit your credit card information, log in. Click "My Info". In the "Credit Card Information" section, make any needed changes and click "save changes".

My purchase failed because my credit card verification failed. I’ve checked all my information and it’s correct. What’s wrong?

If your address includes both a street number and an apartment or suite number, leave the apartment or suite number out of your credit card billing information (but do include it in all other contact information in our site). Putting two sets of numbers in the address line can cause failures in credit card verification.

Why do you ask for my CVV2 number?

For your safety and security, we require that you enter your card's verification number.

Where can I find my CVV2 number?

For Visa, MasterCard and Discover the verification number is a 3-digit number printed on the back of your card. It appears to the right of your credit card number. For American Express, the verification number is a 4-digit number printed on the front of your card. It appears above and to the right of your credit card number.

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