Do I need to have a Canadian Presence?

Yes, all .CA domains are reserved exclusively for individuals and non-individuals located in Canada.

What information do I need to provide up front?

You must choose your Canadian Presence Requirement field, e.g. Citizen, Corporation, and that is it. You will not be required to submit any paperwork during the domain registration.

I heard that .CA domains are now a real time registry, what does that mean?

CIRA, the registry organization that manages .CA, has been operating on a legacy system that was slow and not in real time. .CA domains will now be handled very much like .ORG and .US domains, meaning everything is instant!

I’m an existing .CA domain owner, how does the new registry system affect me?

The new registry system will not affect you at all. Your domain will continue to operate just as normal and you won’t need to update any information at all. It only makes registration and transfers much easier.

I would like to transfer my domains to eNom now, how can I do that?

Very simple! Make sure your domain is unlocked at your existing domain provider and get the Authorization Code for that domain. Log in to your eNom account and go through the transfers path, submit your Authorization Code and checkout. That is it. There is no follow up email confirmation or requirement to go to the registry.

I used to have to login to my account at CIRA and manage my domains there. Do I still have to do that?

No! There will be no more need to go to CIRA to manage a domain, complete a registration or transfer. All domain management can be done through your account.

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