What is .ME?

.ME is an Internet top-level domain (TLD) that approved by ICANN. The .ME Registry (the d.b.a of doMEn, d.o.o.) was chosen by the government of Montenegro to operate the new .ME domain name extension.

Who can register a .ME domain?

Me domains (second-level registrations) are available to be registered by parties worldwide, and there are no nexus requirements. Third-level registrations (net.me, org.me, etc.) are available to Montenegrin individuals and entities only, in the following zones.

What characters are allowed?

Only the Latin alphabet letters a-z, digits, and hyphens are currently accepted in a domain name. Domain names cannot begin or end with hyphens. Internationalized domain names (IDNs) may be offered in the future, but in the meantime the registry does not currently accept letters with accent marks, Cyrillic characters, etc. Domain names with hyphens in the third and fourth positions are prohibited.

How long can a .ME domain name be?

The minimum length of .ME domain name is 3 characters, and the maximum length is 63 characters (excluding the "http://www" and ".ME" portions). All second-level domain names of at least 5 characters in length that are comprised solely of numerals or numerals and hyphens shall be blocked from registration, and reserved for future registration and use as determined by the Registry.

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