Take our ultra fast dynamic DNS for a spin!!!

This page is designed to showcase our Dynamic DNS, powered by our revolutionary technology. This technology allows the user to make DNS changes that will apply within approximately 4 seconds. Compare that to the "12 to 24 hours" needed for most domain registrars or the "several days" by some ISPs.

This page also demonstrates the use of the four most common Hostnames (@, www, *, and "any text"), and what "Record Types" do.

If you need help with DNS settings see our "Definitions" page. For instructions scroll down or click here.

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Step 1: Select a Domain Name (optional):

Step 2: Make your own changes (optional):

  Hostname Address Record Type
Step 3: Save changes:

Step 4: Test the provided links:

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- Clear and start over -


This demo will show you how fast DNS changes get applied to a domain name, and what does each entry does.
We have selected four different lines with four different Hostnames. Each Hostname will have different values in the address field.

Step 1: Select a Domain Name (optional):
Select a domain name to test. This is optional as a default domain name has already been assigned. This domain will be reserved for you to test for a duration of 10 minutes from the time you click the button "Save Changes".

Step 2: Make your own changes (optional):
We have preselected four different "Hostnames" you can test (only the last one, number 4, you can modify). You can however change their "Address" and "Record Type". Again, for help in the definition of these terms, click here. Changing these are also optional as we have already prefilled each field with default values.

Step 3: Save changes:
Click the "Save Changes" button to apply any of the changes you've made and start testing. If you haven't made any changes, it will apply the default values that were entered. Once you press the button, the Dynamic DNS goes to work and returns with all the changes including the appropriate addresses in Step 4.

Step 4: Test the provided links:
Each link corresponds to a line in the above table. Link 1 will show the settings entered in line 1, link 2 will show the settings entered in line 2... The link is comprised of three elements: The first element here is "http://" for all the links. The second element is the "Hostname" (i.e. www.). The third element is the domain name that was selected.(i.e. "a-101.com"). From here you can click on any of the links and see where and how the new address points to and gets resolved.

- Once you click "Save changes" you will be able to test all four links for 10 minutes, after which time the domain name will revert to its default settings.
- Also, once you "Save changes" you will not be able to change more settings. To experiment with different settings, you will need to click the above link called "Clear and start over" or the "dns demo" blue menu item on the left (at this point, the domain name you were just working with might not be available, so you might have to pick a different domain name).
- This demo relates only to names hosted by our DNS servers.

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