ID Protect

ID Protect is a private registration service that hides the identity of domain owners. This protects domain owners from thieves and spammers. It's an easy and cost-effective way to give peace of mind to your customers while increasing margins on domain sales.

As low as  $8.00/yr
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Why Sell ID Protect?

Offering ID Protect with every domain you sell is a low effort way to increase your profit on each sale.

  • Earn the trust of customers. It’s proven that customers will spend more because you take their personal security seriously.
  • Increase conversions as a domain registration upsell. It's an easy sell for customers who want to feel safe and pay more for peace of mind.
  • Take advantage of an opportunity for pure profit. ID Protect has no overhead or support costs because it is enabled automatically with every domain registration.
  • Double or triple your domain sales margins by adding ID Protect with every registration. The API enables you to easily add multiple products to one transaction to increase margins this way.


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