Expand Your Domain Inventory with New TLDs

New TLDs are the most exciting opportunity for resellers to attract new customers and increase sales. Shortly, your customers will be seeing hundreds of new domains in the marketplace, expanding their web address choices from just a few dozen today. It's time to get your business prepared.

Implementing hundreds of new domains into your business using today’s existing technology will take a lot of time and money. That’s why eNom’s New TLD Program is focused on making it easy as possible to offer new TLDs using any of our integration options.


Increase sales, save money, and offer hundreds of new TLDs with one platform.


Integration Options
Choose from several integration options for building new TLDs into your business.


Customize modules packed with features to support launching hundreds of TLDs.

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eNom’s New TLD Program will help you to learn what is the best way to offer new TLDs to your customers. By using our Watchlist tool, you can start gathering expressions of interest from customers. Use the Watchlist data to determine which TLDs you should focus on and convert lists into sales when they become available for registration. Earn commissions by participating in the lucrative Sunrise, Landrush, and Pre-Registration phases of each TLDs launch.

Start collecting leads to convert into orders
Increase sales by offering new TLDs to your existing customers
Cut costs and save time with several flexible integration options
Differentiate existing services outside of price, support, tools, & applications
Gain a competitive advantage by integrating with a leading reseller domain platform

Integration Options

From full-blown API integration to a plug-and-play embedded widget that pays commissions, you choose the best way for your business to take advantage of the new TLDs opportunity. Use the same integration option for each launch phase or choose more than one to find the perfect fit for your business. The choice is yours.


An easy-to-use widget that embeds Watchlist into your site and includes all available features.

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White Label Portal

Link to an external Watchlist site with a simple link or use a dynamic link for a seamless customer experience.

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Completely customizable integration gives you full control over how Watchlist works for you.

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3rd Party Integration

Easily add Watchlist to Parallels Plesk Panel, cPanel, or your WHMCS powered website.

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Control Panel

All Watchlist features are available to you from your eNom control panel.

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Undecided? You can also leverage more than one integration option. Contact sales to find out more.


Our New TLD modules come with everything you need to successfully build a strategy that works for your business. You can pick and choose which modules and launch phases you want to participate in, select the TLDs you would like to support, and how you want to offer new TLDs within your site. Use our in-depth reporting to track customer trends and optimize your strategy. Features include:

Watchlist lead collection tool
Sunrise, Landrush, Pre-Registration and General Availability order management
Multiple integration options available for each module
In-depth, detailed reporting with summarized dashboards
Detailed developer documentation and walkthroughs
Automated communications, marketing assistance and marketing resources

Features may vary by the type of integration. See our features comparison chart to learn more.

New TLD Timeline

New TLDs Timeline

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