New TLD Widget and Portal FAQs

How much does it cost to use our New TLD Widget and White Label Portal integration options?

They are completely free. eNom offers a variety of Integration options for you to choose from in our New TLD program and our Widget and White Label Portal are at no cost and no obligation. If you are uncertain about how our program works or which option is best for you please contact reseller sales and they will guide you through the set up.

How do I make money using the Widget or White Label Portal?

All Widget and White Label Portal owners will earn standard commission earnings calculated based on your cost and the pricing you set for your customers. Costs for each of the new TLD will be determined in 2013 as we approach their launches. You will have the opportunity to set pricing for your customers prior to any billable events occurring and we will communicate with you prior to that.

Do I need to offer all TLD launch phases, for every TLD to my customers in my Widget/White Label Portal?

The Widget and White Label Portal is customizable. During the setup you may turn off any TLD you choose not to offer. You may also come back to manage this at any time. You may also opt out of certain launch phases, for example Pre-Registration, if you choose.

May I switch between the Widget and White Label Portal Integration Options?

You may change between the Widget and White Label Portal integration options while completing the Setup Wizard up until the point of selecting "Save and Publish". Once you have done this, you will not be able to change. You may preview your Widget and White Label Portal before publishing, which does not commit you to the Widget or White Label. For questions about our integration options please contact reseller sales.

I'm a WHMCS user, where should I manage my Widget and White Label Portal?

We have two options for WHMCS users to add our New TLD Widget/Portal into their WHMCS website. WHMCS v5.2 contains our New TLD Widget/Portal automatically built in and available as an Addon - you simply need to enable it in your admin control panel. If you have an older version of WHMCS (pre-5.2) you can download and install into your WHMCS site. You will first need to enable/install the Addon in your WHMCS site which will load it with default settings. You may then login to your eNom reseller account and manage your settings via our Widget/Portal Manager if you would like to customize it.

When the Watchlist phase is over for a given TLD, how will I manage my customer's submissions for Sunrise and the other phases?

The New TLD Widget and White Label Portal take care of all of this for you! For all launch phases and TLDs that are enabled in your settings, your customers will automatically be notified as each TLD progresses through the phases. And they will easily be able to convert Watchlist submissions into orders for each of the phases.

How can I monitor the use of the Widget and White Label Portal?

There are several reports available in the reseller reporting section of our site. We will also send your account email address a monthly summary.

What happens to my customers Widget/White Label Portal submissions during General Availability?

Domains that have been submitted at any phase, including General Availability, will be available for ongoing support through the following ways:

  • API support – A simple API solution will be made available so that you can import domains awarded to your customers. This will allow you to import the domain and customer data and then continue to support these domains as you would with all other domains in your system that you manage through our API.
  • Hybrid – You can determine which domains you want to offer through API or through the Widget/White Label Portal at any time, for any TLD.

No matter which TLDs you choose to support, both options will be available to you.

Can I use the Widget and White Label Portal but use my own payment processing?

Unfortunately no, all domains that eventually get billed for Sunrise, Landrush, etc will go through the eNom payment processing where you will earn a commission.

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