A destination dedicated to “you”
So get personal with .Me

.Me is a domain extension that offers users the ability to personalize a web address and get treated exactly like any other extension (such as .com and .net). A place carved out on the Internet for just “you” to share your story, products or interests. Plus, it’s an easy way for people to remember your web address, find it again and share it with their social network.

Why .ME?

As the Internet become more cluttered every day with millions of websites, it’s getting harder to find an available name and stand out from the competition. Unlike .com, .Me is a great way to find the name you really want and get noticed. People are using it for social sites, mobile applications, and other sites looking to draw attention to their online products and services.

What are a few ways to use .ME?

  • Perfect for blogs, resumes, and other personal pages.
  • Attract an internet savvy audience to promote a new product or service.
  • Grow a new community who shares the same interests.
  • Protect an existing brand from others who would take advantage of your brand.

What are examples of sites using .Me? Just check out fb.Me, despicable.Me, fits.Me, wp.Me and more.

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